There’s nothing wrong with watching Love Actually for the 685th time (it is a turtleneck-filled masterpiece, after all), but if you’re feeling like your Christmas movie playlist is a bit been-there-seen-that, we’ve come up with a few festive film swaps that’ll go well with a spiked eggnog…


If you love The Holiday… try The Family Stone

What’s Christmas if not the perfect occasion to bring your conservative, uptight girlfriend home to meet every member of your free-spirited family? Needless to say, things get messy in this flick (and we’re not just talking about the breakfast casserole…).


If you love Bad Santa… try A Bad Moms Christmas

Put the ‘silly’ in silly season! If you agree that all holiday films are made better with borderline inappropriate jokes, then you’ll enjoy LOL-ing your way through this tale of three mums who struggle to make it through Christmas with their own unbearable mothers.


If you love Elf… try Fred Claus

When Santa’s grinchy big brother Fred is short on cash at Christmastime (we feel that pain), the big man calls him up the North Pole to hustle for his bonus. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and you’ll definitely agree that Vince Vaughn is Christmas movie star we never knew we needed… See also: Four Holidays.


If you love Home Alone… try Jingle All The Way

Arnold Schwarzenegger, a mad toy store scramble and a fictional superhero called Turbo-Man… what else could you want in a holiday movie? This story about a desperate dad on the hunt for a sold-out-everywhere action figure is a modern Christmas classic.


If you love Die Hard… try Lethal Weapon

It’s not technically a yuletide flick, but the action in Lethal Weapon takes place during the Christmas season, and the movie’s soundtrack does kick off with with ‘Jingle Bell Rock’ and ends with ‘I’ll Be Home For Christmas’. It’s one for the I’m-not-wearing-antlers-ever types.


PS. Very festive gift ideas and everything you need to get set for Christmas!

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