If you haven’t already jumped on the podcast train, it might be time to get on board. Since Serial made podcasts a thing back in 2014, they’ve gotten sharper, more creative and more varied than ever before. That’s all good for your ears, but it can make the choice of which podcast to press play on a lot trickier. Not sure which one to download first? We hit up our hardtofind staffers for their podcasts suggestions to help improve your day… Download the app, plug in your headphones and start listening.


She’s on the money – Georgia, designer

“Living my best millennial life of $5 coffee and annual Euro trips. This podcast is teaching me spending boundaries and sticking to a budget!”


99% invisible – Debbie, financial controller

“This podcast is all about designs and architecture that go unnoticed in our world and has some rather surprising stories! Check out episode 363 – Invisible Women, to start you off.”


The Joe Rogan experience – Martin, head of customer experience

“Joe Rogan’s podcasts are brilliant. They allow you to deep-dive into a subject that you may have zero prior knowledge about. You can get subject experts explaining topical things in a very relatable style. Joe also has a very natural way of interviewing which puts both the interviewee and audience at ease – knowing they’re in a safe pair of hands.”


Crime junkie – Sarah, social media and content manager

“I am, quite literally, true crime obsessed. The presenter of this podcast, Ashley Flowers has such a personable tone of voice and is so passionate about telling the stories of all these terrible, often unsolved, crimes. It’s particularly interesting hearing about some of the older crimes being solved, thanks to DNA and new technology. I’m totally hooked and can’t wait for a new episode to be released each week!”


The J-Files – Fordo, head of curation

“I love listening to the J-Files on Double J as they cover such diverse artists. Everyone from Joy Division to Hot Chip, it’s so interesting to hear in-depth details on their musical histories.”



You’re going to need a way to tune in

  1. Tracks headphones in black 2. VAIN STHLM in-ear headphones in dusty pink 3. Kreafunk aHead white edition Bluetooth headphones 4. AIR zen black wireless in-ear headphones


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