YOLO! Don’t get us wrong, we’re all about seizing the day, living in the moment and never saying no to a hot cinnamon doughnut when it’s offered. But sometimes it’s good to think ahead – to do things today that are going to pay dividends tomorrow, a week from now or even years in the future. Want to do something that will make future you super proud? Here are five things you can do today that you’ll be high-fiving yourself for later…


1. Put some money away for a rainy day

We’re not saying you need to get $5K in bank by next Tuesday – but, when it comes to saving, every tiny bit helps. So kick off your rainy day fund with whatever change you’ve got in your wallet (or virtual change you’ve got in your bank account). Keeping a physical piggy bank on the benchtop can be a great reminder to collect all your stray coins and notes, and eventually they could add up to some serious dough. Ker-ching!


Personalised holiday money box + Llama money box + Personalised glass money jar + Personalised money box frame


2. Clean and organise your laundry

Maybe you’re awesome at laundry and wash everything immediately, iron it and put it neatly away… Or, maybe, you’re like us and you still have delicate items kicking around in the bottom of the washing basket, a load of towels that need to be put away and about six tailored shirts that are begging to be pressed. Carve out 90 minutes and go through everything , hand-washing those pesky delicates, sewing on any stray buttons, sending out the dry-clean-only items and restoring your laundry to a cleanly state of order.


Ironing board cover + Delicate wash liquid + Laundry wash tub basinSeagrass laundry basket


3. Plant some seeds and watch them grow

Growing your own greenery delivers a double pay-off – not only do you get the satisfaction of knowing your green thumb created new life (seriously, go you!), but you also get to enjoy the peaceful vibe and extra-fresh air created by your beautiful plants. Start with a batch of easy-to-grow herbs (we’re thinking basil, parsley, rosemary and oregano) and you’ll get the bonus benefit of having delicious fresh flavour-makers on hand.


Magnetic herb planter + Herb bag bundle + Self-watering potPersonalised concrete planter and pen pot


4. Start planning your holiday gifts, like, now

Christmas is coming (same time, every year!) so rather than getting caught off guard with a busy schedule and bulging credit card bill, start planning your gifts now. Keep a list of all the people you know you’ll need to buy for and figure out a loose budget. Then you can start putting money into a separate account and if you spot something on sale that you know your loved one will love? Snap it up! Then, when December rolls around, you’ll be smugly sipping Prosecco while everyone else does the mad Santa dash.


Personalised golf glove + Personalised headphones case + Personalised heart necklacePersonalised heart padlock keyring


5. Hit the kitchen for a little food prep

Whether you’re making tomorrow’s lunch, freezing frozen smoothie mixes or chopping up vegetables for this week’s dinner, prepping food in the kitchen when you have the time is definitely something you’ll be grateful for later. The key to making your food prep easy and fun? Investing in the right tools. Splash out on a set of good knives, a fun-but-practical chopping board and storage containers to keep all that yummy prepped food fresh.


Vegetable chopping board + Glass food storage box + Beeswax food pouchPersonalised breakfast jar


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