Welcome to wedding season – that time of the year when you can pull the save-the-dates off the fridge door, because the date you saved is finally here. If you’ve RSVPed ‘yes’ to one or more weddings this autumn, chances are you’re thinking about how you can get yourself in best guest mode (also, how you can guzzle as many free Proseccos as possible in the five-hour reception window). We hear you. So, we recruited our head of content Alice – who has been to her fair share of hitchings, thanks to her side hustle as a marriage celebrant – to give us the downlow on wedding guest dos and don’ts.


DON’T show up late

That’s the bride’s schtick! If the ceremony is supposed to start at 3pm, then aim to get there at least half an hour before – that should leave you with enough time freshen up your lippie and spend at least eight minutes getting your ear gnawed off by Uncle Jerry before you find your seat. No one wants to be the guest pulling into the venue behind the bridal car…


DO respect the dress code

If the wedding invite says ‘black-tie’, get yourself into something fancy and floor-length (raid a mate’s closet or rent an outfit if you have to!) and if they tell you to keep it smart casual, take that as a license to chill on the wardrobe front. The couple have likely gone to a lot of effort, designing and pulling together this event (because that’s what you call a party that costs an average of $40,000+) and it’s a nod of respect to stick to the dress code they’ve requested.


DON’T just be an observer

Unless you were an obligatory work invite (sorry, Sharon from accounts), you’ve been invited to this wedding for one reason: Because the couple getting married really really like you. So don’t sit in the back row like an awkward Eddie, get involved. Clap and cheer during the ceremony, chat to some new people at your table and dance the Macarena like you were born to do it. (After a few free vinos, you won’t need much encouragement.)


DO find out the deal on photos

Every couple has a different idea of what they want when it comes to photos and sharing them on social media – and they’ll probably make it clear, with either signage or a few words from the celebrant before the ceremony. If they’re going unplugged all day, keep your phone tucked away, but if they’ve got a hashtag, it’s safe to assume they’re happy for you to go nuts on Instagram! Posting up a storm? Always use the couple’s # so they can find your photos later. They’ll appreciate it the next day, when they want to relive all the action, but don’t have their own snaps!


DON’T forget a thoughtful thanks

Being an awesome wedding guest isn’t all about the gift you get, but it is a little bit about that. Saying thank you to the newlyweds in a meaningful way is important, whether that’s with a card, a beautiful print or a personalised cheese board that they can pull out for anniversary celebrations for years to come.


1. Personalised Botanical Wine Box 2. Personalised ‘We Did’ Champagne Glass Set

3. Couple’s Wedding Ring Box 4. Personalised Oak Round Board

5. Couple’s Initial Monogram Print 6. Couple’s Leather Heart Key Ring Set

7. Personalised Couple’s Travel Bag Set 8. Personalised Wooden ‘Just Married’ Luggage Tags

9. ‘Bride’ and ‘Groom’ Prints (Set of 2) 10. Personalised Wooden Wedding Cake Knife

11. Personalised Monogram Cut Glass Tumbler 12. Personalised Initials Couple’s Cushion


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