In this hectic world that we live in, it’s always good to remind ourselves that sometimes it’s ok to do nothing, or to have a day off and unplug.

Replying to the 144 unread messages in that group chat can wait until tomorrow, and if you don’t fancy socialising for one week no one is going to judge you for saying ‘no thank you, I need some me-time’.

Taking some time out for yourself is so important as if you don’t, you may well end up having a Britney circa 2007 moment and that really is no good for anyone.

It’s Mental Health Month coming up in October, so now is as good a time as any to do something kind for yourself and also to check in with friends, loved ones and colleagues to make sure they’re all doing ok too.

Check out our five top tips below for feel-good vibes and happiness, as life is too short to be stressed out and frazzled.


Whether it’s taking 5 minutes before bed to meditate (we love the headspace app), or spending a whole day at a spa, recharging your batteries is essential for your health and mind.

Even making the smallest of changes to your day can have a big impact on how you feel.

On your commute to work, for example, why not plug-in and listen to a podcast instead of the usual scroll on social media (more often than not resulting in stalking your best friend’s ex’s new girlfriend’s holiday pics and accidentally ‘liking’ one – criiinge).

Our fave podcasts in the hardtofind HQ at the moment include ‘She’s on the money’, ‘Crime Junkie’ and ‘Adulting’.

Know someone who could do with some de-stressing? We have a whole range of wellbeing gifts to shop for your loved ones here.

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At work

We spend the majority of our week in the office, and our colleagues often know more about us than our partners do (oversharing is a common theme here at hardtofind HQ!)

Creating a fun, inspirational working environment is important for team bonding, idea creation and overall happiness in the workplace.

Having plants in the office is not only good for filtering the air but can also be an excellent, natural mood-booster. Just remember to water your colleague’s when they’re away to keep your best-work-pal status.

A daily walk around the block is also a great (and free!) way to get some fresh air and vitamin D at lunch and have a catch up with your work wife about her weekend antics.

You could also organise a bake-off one month, or a Tupperware party, where your team each bring in a dish for a lunch time sharing feast.

  1. A cup of tea solves everything mug 2. Eva Solo self-watering flower pot in grey 3. DOIY nigiri bento box 4. Personalised teal cake tin

At home

Create your own little zen space for you to come home to and unwind in after the craziness of the day.

We’re talking candles, cosy cushions, music and mood lighting galore.

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Family and friends

Hosting a games night with friends or family can make a refreshing change from just sitting around watching a movie and can be so fun (esp if there’s wine and snacks involved).

Stuck on what to do at the weekend? Why not each put an activity (visit a different beach to the usual, go to the local markets, try a new brunch spot etc) into a hat and draw one out for a spontaneous day out idea!

  1. Personalised reasons why you’re my bestie keepsake 2. DOIY what can I do today? Activity box 3. Personalised reasons I love you wooden jigsaw puzzle 4. Ridley’s games room – charades quiz

Wellness and fitness

Now it’s spring, the lighter mornings and evenings make exercise waaay more appealing (no more dragging ourselves out of bed and into the freezing, pitch black darkness for that 6am bootcamp class we promised our friend we’d do).

Walking around the park with friends or doing a class together is a fun way to combine catching up and exercise (and is a lot cheaper than brunch – win win!).

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