Mother’s Day comes but once a year. (The second Sunday in May, so put that date in your dairy and underline it six times with a red pen.) But mums? They’re working like superheroes the whole year round – dishing out life advice, pushing broccoli on their unwilling offspring, and making sure no one in the family goes outside without a jacket. Yep, she deserves a really really good gift. Whether it’s a luxe leather jewellery case, embossed with her initials, a heart-shaped collage of her favourite happy snaps or a bespoke cake tin to store her famous apple pie (hint hint, Mum!), we’ve got Mother’s Day gift ideas that’ll make her day – just like she’s made yours. All 365 of them.

You’ve heard Mum say that ‘it’s the thought that counts’ (along with her other faves, ‘Because I said so’ and ‘I’m not a taxi service, you know’…) and when it comes to the best gifts for mum, it should come as no surprise that Mama Dearest is absolutely right. Thoughtfulness is everything. Think about that hand-painted pasta necklace you made her in preschool that she actually wore. For several months. If you’re older than six, you might want to raise the bar from DIY dried-food accessories, but you can still create a present that’s unique and personal – you just need a little help from a secret weapon we like to call ‘personalised pressies’.

Our collection of personalised Mother’s Day gift ideas is chock-full of customisable accessories, homewares and gifts that she’s bound to treasure for years to come. (They’ll definitely be joining the pasta necklace in the gifting hall of fame.) With everything from a dainty bracelet to a leather wash bag, cotton PJs or a custom print, it’s quick and easy to make these pieces your own by adding a bespoke name, date or special message. Simply enter your chosen details into the personalisation fields as you order and it’s kind of like you made it yourself, with no craft skills required.

Need a little extra help coming up with the perfect gift ideas for Mum? Try searching for gifts based on your mama’s personality. Maybe she’s a keen baker who can make miracles with flour, sugar, butter and a wooden spoon? Maybe she loves to jet-set and always has an eye on her next destination? Or maybe she’s more interested in the fashion runway than the airport one. Whatever your mum’s style, we’ve rounded up a selection of our favourite gifts for mum Australia below, so you can treat your wondermum to something truly wonderful!


The baking mum

She’s like Nigella in the kitchen – cooking up feasts fit for a family of 50 (never mind that there’s only a few of you). As her sous chef, she’ll happily teach you how to poach the perfect egg, roast the perfect whole chook, and bake her signature lemon tea cake. Ask her for the secret ingredient, and she’ll tell you it’s a ‘sprinkle of love’…

1. Personalised Mum Cooking Apron 2. Retro Baking Label Collection 3. Personalised ‘Baked With Love’ Pyrex Dish 4. Personalised ‘Queen of Cakes’ Round Baking Board


The stylish mum

She’s not a regular mum, she’s a cool mum. She’s read the latest issue of Vogue from cover to cover and her credit card statement reads like a list of stores on the high street. Oh, and don’t worry, we won’t tell her that you ‘borrowed’ her favourite linen shirt last season…

1. Monstera Clutch Bag 2. Palermo Summer Boater Hat 3. Personalised Monogram Cut Glass Tumbler 4. Coco Chanel Perfume Bottle Print


The homebody mum

She’s happiest when she’s at home in her cosy knitted socks, with the sweet scent of a calming candle filing the air. Her living space is her happy place, so she wants to fill it with beautiful pieces that spark joy (yep, you bet she watched that Marie Kondo series on Netflix!).

1. Crosley Soho Turntable Stand 2. Personalised Name Wine Glass 3. Peony Soy Candle 4. ‘Home Sweet Home’ Steel Sign


The green thumb mum

She’s always pottering around in the garden with a wide-brim sun hat and a pair of gloves. She can tell instantly why that hydrangea is wilting and will happily take it in for a little rehab under her supervision. She’s your on-call plant helpline – and, thanks to her green thumb wisdom, you’ll never confuse a weed for a flower.

1. Even Steven Large Original Pot 2. Ladies’ Gardening Glove 3. Personalised Luxe Copper Fork and Towel 4. Pot Plants Notebook


The travelling mum

Now you see her, now she’s in Tokyo. She loves being up in the air, whether she’s jetting out of town on business, taking the family on a trip interstate or escaping with the girls to sip mai tais Hawaii. Her passport is her prize possession – and it’s got more stamps than your primary school stamp collection.

1. Personalised Adventure Awaits Luggage Tag 2. Maya Dress in Midnight 3. New York Minimalist Map Print 4. Jet Travel Pouch


The super sentimental mum

She’s got photos of the family on every wall and she’d probably tear up if one of her kids gave her a recycled toilet roll. She’s all about gifts that are meaningful, personal and come straight from the heart – think engraved jewellery, a custom family print or a key ring with her child’s illustration. It’s all going straight to the pool room.

1. Personalised Family Illustration Print 2. Personalised Family Names Russian Ring Necklace 3. Personalised Colour-in Family Portrait 4. Personalised Family Tree Cotton Cushion


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