As the temps start to drop and hibernation season closes in, it’s time to start prepping for the cool change. So how do you make it through the big chill? With the help of these autumn survival kit essentials…


1. Baking dish

If summer is for salads, then winter is for carbs. Think potato, think pasta, think endless loaves of sourdough toast. Preheat your oven and get cooking your heartiest recipe – that winter bod isn’t going to happen on its own…


2.  Woollen fedora

You know what comes with the autumn/winter cool? Wind. (Otherwise known as ‘your hair’s worst enemy’.) Do yourself a favour and invest in a sweet woollen fedora that’ll keep your noggin’ warm, while keeping your tresses under control.


3. Bath caddy

For those nights when your only plan is to cancel your plans (seriously, who wants to go out when it’s < 16 degrees?)…. embrace the JOMO jump in the tub. Enter: this clever bath caddy, which will hold your wine while you soak.


4. Decanter and glass set

New season, new spirit! (Sorry to love you and leave you this way, Aperol Spritz…) Whether it’s whisky or red wine, pouring your winter drink into a decanter makes it extra fancy – and it tastes better, too. Gotta let that bevvie breathe.


5. Hydrating face cream

As the Starks would say, ‘Winter is coming’ – and your skin needs to prepare for the harsh winds, freezing temps and super-drying heated air-con. Give it a hope it in hell of staying dewy by slathering on a natural hydrating face cream.


6. Moody scented candle

Nothing says ‘autumn is here’ like a rich scented candle, flickering away on the coffee table, while you watch 10 hours of Netflix straight. Just shelve the summery scents – you don’t need a seaside smell taunting you till August.


7. Stripe sheet set

The days are getting shorter, which means more time you-know-where. (BED. MORE TIME IN BED.) Cosy up with some fresh cotton sheets and not even that annoying snooze alarm every nine minutes will be able to rouse you.


8. Super-cosy scarf

Unexpected chills can you hit you at any time: A freezing cold movie theatre. An overly-air-conned office. Arm yourself with an incredibly wool blend scarf that’s big enough to double as an emergency wrap.


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